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Questions about volunteering

Questions about our website



Questions about Volunteering


How do I become a volunteer?

Becoming a volunteer is easy! Simply register yourself by clicking Register. Your information will be kept private and secure.


Does it cost anything to volunteer?

No, volunteers are not asked to pay a fee. But did you know there IS a monetary cost to connecting volunteers to meaningful service? We partner with several funders to support volunteerism and help us continue the work of civic engagement in Garfield and Pitkin counties.  Check out a list of our sponsors here.


What does the free volunteer excess liability insurance cover?

Click here to read more about the insurance plan.


How much time do I have to commit?

It's entirely up to you! You can volunteer as much or as little as you like based on your time and interest. Each opportunity will indicate the time commitment required.

What kind of volunteer projects do you offer?

Each year, we organizes and manages hundreds of projects for a variety of community service organizations. We partner with non-profits and government agencies addressing community issues that impact health, youth and education, hunger and homelessness, seniors, animal welfare, the environment and more. We offer one-time and ongoing opportunities.


What if I have an idea for a new project or want to become a community partner?

We are always looking for new projects and partners. If you would like to learn more about becoming an community partner, visit our Partner page.


Why do you ask for my birth date when I register?

Each project has a minimum age for attendance. Also, we need to protect our younger volunteers who are under age 13. Volunteers under the age of 13 are unable to sign up with their own accounts on our website due to the Federal Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Parents or other responsible adults will need to create a team with their children to volunteer and sign up their children under 13. See how to create a team.


Can I volunteer if I am under 18 years old?

Check the age listing for each project as the minimum age varies depending on the agency and activity. When the minimum age (with adult) is listed on the project, youth must be signed up with a parent, guardian or responsible adult via the team functionality. See how to create a team.

Volunteers under the age of 13 are unable to sign up on their own through our website due to the Federal Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). To register a child under the age of 13, parents/guardians simply need to create a team to volunteer with and sign up their children. Visit how to create a team and our Youth Volunteering page for more.


What does the minimum age and minimum age with an adult mean?

If on a project the minimum age is 15, then any volunteer whose account with our site shows they are 15 years or older may sign up. If the minimum age with adult is 8, then any youth volunteers who are age 8-14 must be signed up as a part of a team, so that their parent/guardian/adult signs up for the project with them. how to create and manage teams and visit our Youth Volunteering page for more.


What if I want to volunteer with a group?

You can create a volunteer team with all the people you want to volunteer together. Visit our Group Volunteering page for more information.


What if I can't attend? How do I remove myself from a project I signed up for?

It is important to remove yourself if you cannot attend so that we have accurate numbers for the scope of the work. Log in to our website, click on the "My Account" sub-tab, and scroll down to "Upcoming Opportunities". Simply click "Remove Me" next to the project from which you wish to remove yourself. Please do this as early as possible so that your volunteer slot becomes available for other volunteers to fill.


What is a no show?

If you sign up for a project and do not attend and do not remove yourself or notify the Opportunity Coordinator, that is considered a No Show. We will remove you from our system after 3 No Shows in accordance with policy. You will receive a notification email prior to deactivation. Our partners are counting on us to bring them accurate numbers. 


What if a project I want to sign-up for is full? Can I get on a wait list?

If a project occurrence is full, you will see that the slots remaining will show as "0". If you click "sign up" or "express interest" you will be asked if you'd like to be added to the wait list. If you say yes, and a space opens, then you will be notified via email and then will then be able to return to the project and attempt to register yourself if the project is still allowing registration.


I don't have transportation. Can you get me to volunteer projects?

We do not have the capacity to transport volunteers to our projects, but some sites are accessible via public transportation.


Questions about the Website


After I create an account, how do I sign up for a volunteer project?

Log in to your account, and click on the Find an Opportunity tab to find projects that interest you, either by searching or by viewing the Opportunity Calendar for those done-in-a-day projects. Each project's description will indicate how to participate.


What is my username?

Your username is the email address you created your account with.


How do I change my password or update my email address?

After you log in to our website, click "My Account" and then "Personal Information." Make your changes and click "Update" at the top of the screen.


What if I've forgotten my password? 

Click on "Log In" at the top right of the page, enter your username (your email address) and click "Forgot password". An email will be sent to you with a temporary password.


What if I am unable to sign up for a project through the website?

All volunteers who plan to attend must be registered. If you don't have a computer, public computers are available at local libraries. Contact us by email or by phone at 970-947-8460 so we can troubleshoot any tech issues you may have. We would be glad to assist you with the registration process.


What computer standards does your site require?

You should use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari as your Internet browser. Internet Explorer does not work as well with the website and can sometimes cause unusual errors. You can download free, safe versions of Firefox or Chrome or Safari.




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